Photo Credit: Al & Sonia Bincarousky

Pedigree | OFA Record

Ryker was born on July 11, 2006 to a litter of five. He was whelped and bred by Friefly Terriers and Caragan Kennel. We knew from the very beginning that Ryker would be the puppy who came home with us. He has been an absolute dream to have in our home and to work. He finished his UKC conformation title at 10 months under honorable judge Kim Allison.

When he turned eighteen months, he debuted with UKC's weight pull program and earned his UWP very quickly with natural talent. We took two years off to allow him to mature and came back to obtain every single weight pull title UKC had to offer in less than thirteen months. He has also pulled with the APA, NWDA, ADBA and AADR. He is well on his way to his Ace of Ace title with the ADBA and obtained his Pullmaster through AADRI in style with a MWP and a MWPP with good competition.

He has also earned his United Rally Obedience 1 and his UKC Grand Champion conformation title since retiring from UKC weight pull as an active competitor. We are currenly working toward his Schutzhund BH, UKC UCD and various other titles. We will continue to update his page as he accomplishes more than our heart could imagine.

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