Pedigree | OFA Record

Ruby was born on August 11, 2016 to GWL Kennels. We were blessed to get this little spitfire when she turned 8 weeks old after going out and evaluating the litter. Her wonderful breeders, Wayne and Grace Lundeen, knew she'd be the right little pistol to fit right into our house - especially knowing that her aunt resided with us too. Ruby's true name spelling is actually "RWBY" after an animated series that my husband and I both enjoy.

Ruby finished her UKC Championship in conformation with ease and has taken some reserve Champion placements when shown. She is currently dabbling in weight pull but much prefers things that involve using her nose and going fast so we will be persuing barn hunt and nosework titles with her in the coming sport seasons along with completeing her AADR and ADBA conformation titles.

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