Pedigree | OFA Record

Orion was born on August 24, 2013 to a litter of nine puppies from Howard's Working APBTs. We picked him up at just under fourteen weeks of age from Howard and Beth but it wasn't as easy as it had been with Mika since both he and his brother were very, very nice puppies. The entire litter exhibited very good food and toy drive in combination with a healthy dose of prey drive as well. They performed well under noise distraction and were very biddable. After a good time messing around with each pup, I settled on Orion despite the fact I had it in my head that I wanted his smaller brother.

Orion has begun to shape up into everything I could have asked for as a future performance dog. He is quick as a whip in his responses and enjoys having new challenges presented to him. He has an incredibly upbeat outlook on everything he attempts and has the same attitude that drew me initially to Ryker as a young dog. I can't wait to see how he grows and matures because he has some very big paws to fill since he and I will be taking the same challenges that Ryker and I originally did when we lept into the world of dog sports.

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