Pedigree | OFA Record

Orion was born on August 24, 2013 to a litter of nine puppies from Howard's Working APBTs. We picked him up at just under fourteen weeks of age from Howard and Beth but it wasn't as easy as it had been with Mika since both he and his brother were very, very nice puppies. The entire litter exhibited very good food and toy drive in combination with a healthy dose of prey drive as well. They performed well under noise distraction and were very biddable. After a good time messing around with each pup, I settled on Orion despite the fact I had it in my head that I wanted his smaller brother.

Orion has been a fabulous dog. He is a drivey, serious dog. He loves to dock dive and while we would have loved to have persued IGP, we haven't had the time to persue that avenue. We hope to finish his UWP this year and persue some obedience titles (which he absolutely adores). Now that he has finished in the ADBA, we will work toward his AADRI Championship before retiring from the show ring.

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