Luna was born on May 21, 2003 to a litter of eight. The conditions she was born in were simply to be considered deplorable. When we picked her up at four and a half weeks of age, her worm-filled belly was so large, it looked like she'd swallowed a basketball. After a few weeks of tender loving care, she was beginning to be able to show her personality - and oh, what a stinker she was!

Luna grew into a fabulous dog. She did things I'd never expected her to do and became a fabulous partner for me. She excelled at every canine sport I threw at her - be it flyball, weight pull, dock diving and so on. She loves being as close to people as she possibly can (almost too close sometimes!) and so we, at eight years old, got her certified as a Therapy Dog. She'd already been doing it unofficially with a friend of mine. This enabled us to broaden her horizons.

Luna has since been retired from dog sports and other dog events outside of the occasional breed expo type situation as she nears the mark of 14 years old on May 21, 2017. She still very much enjoys doing anything she can and would, if we allowed it, keep pushing herself like she did as a young dog but sometimes, we truly need to watch out for the stubbornness of Elderbulls.

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